What You Didn’t Notice in Disney Movies When You Were a Child

After catching a cold that I needed to get rid of ASAP I placed myself under house arrest with nothing but books and movies to entertain myself with. Pairing this with a particular conversation about Disney movies I had with my cousin last weekend, I couldn’t help but watch these Disney movies with a new set of eyes – and boy did some material go over our heads as children!

If you’ve watched any Disney movies since you’ve hit puberty you will likely have noticed some of the items on this list but just incase you have not, here is a handful! Perhaps I’ll add more next time I come down with a cold. Or just want to watch another Disney movie.

Note: I’ve intentionally excluded all the common inappropriate moments (such as “sex” appearing in the breeze in The Lion King) because any Internet search will provide those.

The Lion King 

Lion-King-Logic_o_104138 What You Missed: How gosh-darn evil Scar is!

Yes yes, growing up you knew Scar was bad and threw Mufasa off the cliff into the stampede of wildebeests making him the obvious villain in this Hamlet-inspired story.But have you watched the “Be Prepared” scene lately?! Scar gives Hitler a run for his money in a race for diabolical schemes. Exhibit A: Scar recruits the hyenas to do all of his dirty work and even has them walk in Nazi-like fashion. Observe.

This just takes on a whole new level of evil. By recruiting henchmen, Scar was planning to keep his hands as clean as possible while pulling off the “coup of the century” by killing his brother and nephew all in one day. Guilting Simba into thinking it was his fault that Musafa died is just the extra evil frosting on Scar’s malicious plot-cake.

What You Missed: Nala’s bedroom eyes 20110727153409!Nala_the_LOOK600 I don’t really have much to say on the subject of lion mating but clearly Nala wants it. You go Simba.

Beauty and the Beast

What You Missed: Gaston’s highly inappropriate wink

Every Disney lover recalls Gaston highly conceited but catchy sing-along about himself. What many young Disney lovers might not remember is the following hint at Gaston’s grooming habits: Lefoo: Not a bit of him’s scraggly or scrawny! Gaston: That’s right! And every last inch (*WINK*) of me’s covered in hair! Disney – promoting manscaping since 1991.

What You Missed: Belle doesn’t actually get to eat all that much in Be Our Guest

Poor Belle, all that food and she never gets more than a taste. Being hungry sucks.


images What You Missed: Genie’s affection – with boundaries  QzLShMn The Genie – keeping bromances alive since 1992. But no homo.




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