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Problems Only Book-Lovers Will Understand

Reading, while incredibly awesome and we will love it no matter what, is not without struggles. As the Olympics have wrapped up and we learned all about the obstacles our athletes have had to overcome, here is a sample of some issues that face an under-rated species of human – the book-lovers.

Being tired all day because you spent your night up reading  until the wee hours of the morning.

Tired readers

When the plot twist that forever changes your life happens…

Surprised Burt

…and you have to clear your schedule for the day.

Go away reading

When you want to read but some force of absolute evil is stopping you.

So much laundry

Similarly, when someone keeps trying to converse with you and it is not okay. 

Bitch I'm reading

Having to wait for sequels. 


When you’re forced to buy a second copy of a book because you’re wearing out your first one. 

Book shopping

Getting legitimately angry with a fictional character.

Mad Brah

On the other hand, when characters are so awesome you wish they existed in real life.


When you want to know what happens to the characters after the book ends but there’s no follow-up.


Reading a hilarious book in public and attempting to keep your cool.

Trying not to laugh 

A slippery sleeve on a hardcover book that just won’t cooperate.

Annoying book covers

When your bookmark escapes.

How Rude

Looking anti-social because you want to bond with the characters in your book instead.

Convo over

Knowing there will always be more books to fuel your obsession.